/ Published 16 May 2020

Hi there! In today's topic we will discuss a combination of new and old methods to improve relevancy and ranks in search. Over last year, search leader, Google, has been performing incredible amount of major updates such as the official upgrade to Chromium and the recent roll out of the May 2020 core update. Another significant test was associated with the Covid-19 pandemic where search has become even more responsible and cautious. 

Chromium Update

I feel that this is an under rated leap in public search technology. Machine learning is less talked about and implemented more now. Since Google Bot completed the upgrade to Chromium Rendering Engine in May 2019, updates spiked and many businesses online got a hard reset in terms of rank. Imagine a robot reading code, now imagine a robot reading pictures almost the same way you do as a human. Almost like Terminator.

Chromium has become more semantic and meaningful which means that there will be better market efficiency, tailored services and cost effective micro-consulting.

It’s Business

The year on year trend continues, Google is succumbed to growth and in turn unlocks more Rank Brain features to Google Ads. Which is only fair, considering the company is at on lower orbit. 
Organic search clicks continue to drop against the paid traffic. 

Bring Your Web Presence To Life

At the end of the day, if users find what they are after and they receive a good service and or product, Google has means to know if you have delivered and therefore give priority or chop organic ranks (RankBrain is used in both: organic as well as paid listings). 
So one way to portray given the new hardcore upgrades is to utilise maximum images which make sense to the user and industry. Which comes down to solid UX/UI design with beefier image count. All in all, remember how keyword density was a good way to build up trust and authority? Now same thing with images.  


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