Today’s marketplace has evolved far beyond handing out business cards or printing ads in the papers to get customers. Many law firms are now trying to catch most of their clients using online traffic and targeted email and social media campaigns. This situation has made it necessary for every legal firm and freelance lawyer to have a website.

But having a website isn’t enough; if you are to convert visitors into clients, a good website design is crucial.

So, what is the best website design for lawyers in Australia? Here is a look at the key features that every lawyer website needs to be successful. 


1. Reflect lawyers profiles & build trust

When it comes to wireframing and planning of the website, it is critical to have the human representatives present in a meaningful way. Website design for law firms requires visitors to trust the business. Choosing a lawyer for your matter is a careful choice and therefore reflecting on the legal firm’s credibility and professionalism is crucial for the website design company.


2. Easy to find relevant information

At the end of the day, you want your law firm’s website to generate leads and get potential clients calling and enquiring. A good website design will have your visitor impossible to miss the information they came looking for. With the correct structure and navigation with focus on available resources, visitor will be more likely to convert. Criminal lawyers Sydney firm utilises a wide structure to accommodate for criminal offences in the main category, sub category and case studies under subcategories. 


3. Testimonials & recognitions

If you’ve ever shopped online, you know how important reviews are. Studies show that up to nine out of ten consumers trust online reviews, making social proof an effective strategy to secure clients. And since site visitors are essentially looking to purchase legal services, your website’s design should have a visible section for client testimonials.

If you have a good relationship with your previous clients, you can ask to use their photos in their testimonials. For those clients a little shy about having their face displayed on your website, a simple line or two will suffice.


4. Simple contact forms

Contacts form are another crucial feature of any website promoting a service or product. However, you don’t want to overdo this section. A lengthy contact form will decrease the chances of someone filling it. They may be discouraged by the sheer length of the form or, more rightfully, hesitant about submitting sensitive case information.

The best way to avoid this is by keeping your contact forms as short as possible. Preferably, only ask for the potential client’s name, email address, phone number, and maybe a brief description of the case. Further information will be provided during consultation. 


5. A clear call to action

Many of your website’s features are geared towards getting site visitors to take the next step and click on the call to action (CTA) button. It should therefore be as clear as possible to the reader. Some websites implement this using static banners in certain sections of the page, while others use pop-up banners. With this in mind, if your visitor is reading about a specific law category on the website, that web page needs to have a CTA contextual to the page topic.


6. Mobile-friendliness

Many people accessing the web do so on mobile devices, making mobile-friendly a necessary feature for the best lawyer website design. For example, Google uses this feature when determining search engine ranking, and will not display mobile-unfriendly websites when responding to search queries from smartphones and tablets.

Therefore, having a responsive and flexible design for mobile users will increase your website traffic and lead generation for people looking for legal help and advice on the go and in the comfort of their palms.


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