Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing Process

Paid traffic can be utilised in a number of forms and can have different purposes - from studying the market to penetrating niche pockets in the market. Given superior targeting tools today, we can narrow down and adapt to your very precise target market segment and pull them in.

We look at the website, sem and seo as an overall funnel with user experience in mind. 


BAM Studio - What is search engine marketing?

Text Ads

Search engine such as Google provides a vast range of ad placements given their reach. Placing text ads for the most relevant user search queries allows us to capture people's interests online within minutes after activation of the campaign. Search engines  have to maintain high qquality service and we can help connect the users to their queries. 

Quality factors exist and we have to make sure that the search engines rate the ads well. Some of the factors of quality scores result well from: - A. Creativity - B. User Experience - C. Brand Recognition

The better the score, the cheaper the clicks will be = more traffic = more revenue.   

BAM Studio - Boost your business with PPC

Display Ads

This form of advertisement is extremely powerfull given that there is a ton of control over where, how, what and to whom you wish to display a set of graphics. Normally cheaper than text ads and can be used to cover wider geographical areas. 

Re-marketing and re-targeting is what gets users to sell premium products by stimulating brand awereness and providing a set of ads ot the people that are already in your funnel - for steps 2, 3, 4 and so on.

BAM Studio - Display Network & Re-marketing

User Specific Experience

In order to capture a potential lead at lower cost business needs to make sure that they've got in check their proposition, landing page experience and brand recognition. Depending on level of competition expectation vary in the overall quality. In short, a well targeted ad along with dedicated customer experience will succeed cost effectively. At BAM Studio we make sure to align your target audience with our benchmark creative marketing and web design. 

BAM Studio - user experience is important to a successful SEM campaign

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