Today, every other client will be talking about responsive web design. but do we really understand what a mobile-friendly version of a website entails? It is practically impossible to sell online effectively without a mobile-ready web design with a responsive theme for correct output on all screen sizes. With the rampant growth of new technologies with insane new resolutions, the madness is not by any chance about to end.

Because in the world of tech we have our freedom to develop devices from all screen sizes and origins, it can become a great design challenge to include all possible screen resolutions. Now, introduce the magic wand, responsive web design. With this incredibly innovative tech, we can now keep up with all the latest trends in devices without having to sacrifice lower resolution visitors. Web designs must from now on be equipped with the use of intelligent use of CSS media queries, including but not limited to more vector types. Let us get down to the specifics of what makes RWD a necessity for web designers.


Basically, responsive web design means the client does not have to pay for a separate website for mobile devices and one for desktop users. What’s more, all of these device categories also include a vast range of resolutions. It essentially means a beautiful presentation of the same website across all devices, platforms and screen sizes without partial or denied access errors.

More than 60% of all web search traffic on search engines today is carried out on mobile devices. Depending on the nature of your business, more than half of your customers could be looking you up on smartphones. So a mobile-friendly website also means more efficient use of your internet marketing dollars as well as a pleasurable customer experience.


There is more to website fluidity than just resolutions. Long gone are the times when visitors had the luxury of time to pinch and zoom in to see the small fonts on a site. Web responsiveness makes an easy way for webmasters to refine their contact to present only the most important information to mobile users. Here are some more advantages:

  • 1. Reach more customers
  • 2. A consistent customer browsing experience
  • 3. Easier analytics and tracking on a common site
  • 4. Cheaper than apps and mobile sites
  • 5. Get ahead of the crowd


More Mobile Traffic

Currently, more than 50% of web traffic is generated by mobile smartphone users. Understanding such a statistic will ensure that you design a website that renders optimally on smaller screens as you aim to register an online presence.

Responsive websites ensure their visitors are not greeted by distorted images and haphazard web layout, which makes navigation troublesome. Instead of having a separate desktop and mobile version of your website, save on cost and have BAM design a responsive website with great versatility.

Faster Mobile Development at Lower Costs

As mentioned earlier, there is no reason why you should invest in developing another separate standalone mobile version of your website when you can have the same design working best on both mobile and desktop devices.

The obvious advantage is that you save on costs. On the other hand, also you’ll be able to pass across the same information to all your customers.

Lower Maintenance Needs

Did you know every website needs regular maintenance, which comes with separate support and testing requirements? That is the main disadvantage of wanting to go with separate version of the same device.

The good news is that with the type of responsive web designs that BAM Studio creates, the entire maintenance process of responsive websites becomes interestingly cheap. For optimal page layout, standardised testing methodologies for responsive websites ensures the job gets done quickly.

Besides, if you opt for separate desktop and mobile sites, this will lead to higher maintenance costs. It will necessitate separate administrative interfaces, content strategies as well as design teams. However, having a responsive design’s “one size fits all” approach means less headache for developers, business owners, and consumers. BAM designs guarantee you spend less time on maintenance, allowing you more time for other aspects such as content creation and marketing.

Faster Webpages

Mobile generally have shorter spans of time to process what they see. Hence, they tend to abandon webpages that take longer loading times. If your website is not optimised for smartphones, it is highly likely to take more time to navigate, which is frustrating to visitors.

BAM web developers and designers utilise modern performance techniques such as caching, and responsive image display that will help improve your webpage’s loading speed.

Lower Bounce Rates

Would you like a responsive and optimised mobile site with a better user experience for your visitors? If you do, you may not want to be left out of our client portfolio. We help our clients reduce bounce rates by developing attractive and informative websites that will keep your visitors engaged as they browse through your service pages.


The crux of the matter remains that the device manufacturers will continue to give us an infinite supply of screen sizes and types. Browsing in the smartphone interface is super fast and is bound to get even faster as we gear up for 5G. we now have retina displays with quadrupled resolutions of traditional devices. The worldwide web is now rapidly moving to touch and mobile-friendly and a website that is going to make money come 2022 is a website that is built around those principles.

Building a new mobile site from scratch or ordering an app may seem like a good idea today but it is responsive web designs that are winning the day tomorrow. People want to share links across platforms and that’s not possible when you have a custom app or separate mobile site.

It is a responsive and mobile-ready website that will ensure that your website has that consistent look and woks perfectly across various platforms and screen sizes.


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