What is SEO? (You probably know if you are here)

According to the ACSC glossary, SEO is the "The process of increasing website traffic by increasing the visibility or ranking of a website or a web page to users of a search engine."

Organic Search traffic is considered to be the best form of inbound traffic any business can get. It may be referred to as golden traffic which packages user intent and high conversion potential. Do not worry about a saturated market, there is always room for growth when it comes to search engines. We understand there is a level of difficulty when it comes to simple keywords within a region but it is no reason to scrape the potential. There are tons of niche keywords which are easy to cut through and often than not generate better returns than what is "believed to generate business."

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BAM Studio - What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

How Can It Be Achieved?

At BAM Studio we utilise a data driven approach to better search ranks and overall strategy to acquire maximum organic traffic. First and foremost we analyse your industry in the region, based on keyword search volumes and level of difficulty. Second, we rebuild your website if we have to in order to meet the requirements of the search engine. Then we open up various traffic chanels and study which keywords yield the best results and continue adapting the web presence to improve conversion factor

BAM Studio - How To Build Up Relevancy?

Does It Last?

The foundation is one of the most important factors of a lasting web presence. Getting ahead of your competition is one thing but remaining there is another. Research shows that the most organic clicks come from the top three positions in the search results. The main aspect of compeittive ranking is the level of competition with a proactive campaign which can overtake your backlink resources, re-write and expand on their content, release continious and engaging content and manage traffic well. So, in short, the ranks will last based on the level of customer adoption and their positive reaction to your website after all possible technical advantages have been realised. 

BAM Studio - Data Driven Approach


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