In a market as competitive as today’s, a great website is the surest way to rise above your competition. Think of it as more than an online brochure or portfolio; your website has the potential to become your plumbing business’ best sales representative. If done right, it will generate massive leads and sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising.

If done right; because not all website design is good design for plumbers. You need something that nails the fundamentals of a good website while finding enough space to convey what makes your business special. And it all starts with finding the right web design and development company such as BAM Studio. 

But before we get into what makes BAM Studio great plumber web design experts-, let's explore the markers of a good plumber web design.

What makes a successful plumbing website?

The best plumbing websites are;

1. Responsive and mobile-friendly

Do you know that more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices? Two out of every three minutes spent online are on a mobile phone. In fact, most people having a plumbing emergency will use their phones to skim through websites. This makes mobile-friendliness one of the most crucial features of good website design.

Your website should be able to automatically detect and resize itself to the visitor’s mobile screen. It should also be fast and responsive with relatively low load times.Adapting screen resolution to plumbers Townsville website has become a competitive metric for conversion.

Generally, a good website has consistent performance across all types of devices. It’s just as fast on mobile as it is on laptops, PCs, and tablets, just like all of BAM Studio’s contractor websites are.

2. Secure

Online security is a huge concern, especially now, when most websites require some kind of personal information from their visitors. Thus, if your website has any place where users fill in their email address and phone number, you need the S in HTTP. The last thing you want is to be the center of a data breach that puts your customers’ information in the wrong hands.

3. User-friendly

Your site visitors will use your website more than you, making it essential to design the site with the user in mind. 

A good plumbing website provides the user with the best browsing experience possible. It is initiative and makes it easy for potential customers to find contact information, interact with buttons, and navigate from one page to another.

4. Consistent branding

What makes your company recognisable? Is there a logo, a particular phrase, or color that sets you apart from the rest? If there is, it should be reflected on your website.

A good plumbing website combines your logo and catchphrase with colors and fonts to help customers easily recognize your brand. It also uses consistent branding throughout the site to convey what the company is all about.

5. Visible

All the above would be practically useless if web users can’t find your site. The best plumbing websites are visible, i.e., can be found in search engine results. Such websites have been optimised according to the latest search engine algorithms. They also incorporate SEO best practices, like a fast, responsive, and mobile-friendly design.

Plumber web design ideas

BAM Studio incorporates all the fundamentals of a good website in its designs. But we don’t stop there. Here are some more web design ideas to help make your plumbing website a lead magnet.

1. Include your unique selling proposition(USP)

You want to include why people choose your plumbing services over what your competitors offer. And no, it's not enough to only write it down. Rather, create a section that speaks for itself, like one with all the awards you have won or one with what local publications and customers have to say about your services.

2. Image gallery

Visual proof is essential for potential customers and new website visitors. Thus, you can include a designated gallery with images of your past projects so potential customers know you’ve done similar work before. The best way to present these pictures is in a before-and-after format, which highlights your great work.

It also helps to add headshots with brief bios of your team members. They serve to familiarise new customers with your team and know who to expect at their door once they have ordered your service. Place such photos on the about us page.

3. Link to your social media profile

Social media works best when combined with other marketing strategies, like your website. So, adding buttons that link back to your business's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are crucial to generating more leads. A good website design places these buttons on an unmissable spot, i.e., the header bar of every page.  

Bam Studio web design for plumbers

Bam Studio is a leading web design and development studio based in Sydney, Australia. We have been providing website solutions to contractors for a long time now, and our clients always have something good to say about us. So;

  • If your website is struggling to bring any leads or is bringing leads looking for services that you don’t offer
  • If you have low website traffic or a high bounce rate, i.e., people are leaving almost immediately after visiting your site
  • You feel that your website is outdated and needs a redesign. Most outdated websites don’t perform well on mobile phones
  • You want to update your design to match your branding
  • Or maybe you just started a plumbing company and require a website for your new business.

You’ll be glad to know that we offer custom web design packages for plumbers.

Bam Studio is the plumber web design agency your business deserves. With us, you get a team that understands the ins and outs of the plumbing business. This allows us to design plumber websites that exceed all expectations. And as a result, your new site will have improved search engine rankings, traffic, and visit-to-lead conversion rates. For example, plumber Wollongong website delivers the market position and conversions required by the their business model. Furthermore, it will be fast, responsive, mobile-friendly, and beautifully designed.

Contact us today to get a quote on your next web design project.

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