/ Published 03 October 2023

In web design, we always look for fonts which match the feel of the message. In this blog I would like to discuss the inverse relationship; where fonts act as reference to the complementary artwork.


Most reputable type blogs such as typewolf will discuss font pairings. With web technologies evolving, I believe we need image pairing as well for the dominant and complementary fonts taking the lead. 

font to image pairing

Designing fonts by a creative is tedious and requires deep knowledge of typography, space awareness, generalisation, scalability, target audience and other many factors. More often than not, most web designers will make use of font libraries to pick a couple of fonts which suit the brand and the overall design (if a brand guideline is not provided). So, when a website is built with all the bells and whistles, what happens when the project wants to keep its fonts but upgrade icons, sprites and other creative supplementary elements ()? The answer lies between the message and the functionality.   


I will specualte that the current flat designs and sans-serifs dominate the web space because it is easier to combine various creative elements with less peculiar fonts. In other words, I would start to disagree with "less is more." Perhaps this will change with more organic AI, which can grasp the complexity of appeal. 

Ten ton cut. 


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