/ Published 24 April 2021

The reality of life is that we judge every book by its cover and every business by its website. If you have been on the web development for as long as we have then you would have come across some terrible website designs that will have you thinking “how this possible?” In this topic we will dicsuss factors working against your web assets.

Reading this article will guide you on what not to do with your website to save your business reputation. This is for you who still haven't figured out what you want your website design to look like but you're sure that you don't want to make mistakes.

What makes a horrible website tick?

Contrary to popular opinion a bad website is not just about the looks. It's not just the disorganisation of the elements of all horrible images or lack of quality content. Bad web design is the one which users will immediately regret the click and leave. Never to return.

If this is what you are after, here is how to achieve just that with any website however catch the domain name or popularity on social media. Do this and visitors will feel the pinch and wince in pain from the moment they land on your homepage right up to the moment the hit the x on the corner.

💣 Non-responsive designs – to achieve a bad website, pay no attention to the variance in screen sizes visitors use to access your website. Only build one that fits on your monitor.

💣 Lack of contrast enter missing grid – lack of alignment of pictures and other content scattered all over the page is the next best thing to create a terrible website people hate.

💣 Unpleasant color schemes: use grey and black interspersed with bright red or any other color clashes you can come up with.

💣 Poor navigation and operations

Make it a nightmare for visitors to find pages and resources on your website. Make sure the navigation has blue links that lead elsewhere.

💣 Bad linking structure and too many CTAs. – including too many call-to-actions and wrong links is another way to annoy your visitors.

💣 Use of unclear interface images and inconsistent styles

💣No white spaces, make it as cluttered as possible.

💣 Automatically playing sounds – make a website that uses visitors' data bundle up by playing lengthy videos automatically without notifying them.

💣 Web page too long – let them scroll and scroll without reaching the bottom.

💣 Expired information and isolated pages and boring content – don’t bother adding unique content or update content to current affairs.

💣 Here is a finisher: company’s sharing a website!

Are all cheap web designs bad?

If you have ever gone for a cheap web design company then you probably know what it is like to question your own aesthetic sense and cry out loud in frustration receiving a half-baked solution that presents more problems after wasting your energy and money.

Every visitor has a unique perspective. Bad user experiences snowball

On the other hand, you do not have to break the bank to get a good quality website that works well and looks rather relevant. Here are some qualities to look for in a good website, before we dissect bad ones.

Qualities of a Good Web Design

When web design trends change all the time there is are common denominators for all successful websites. Hear some design principles that will make your website a big success.

âž• Easily understandable navigation

âž• Moderate and proper use of animation

âž• Excellent color schemes

âž• Neat and clean layout

âž• A visually appealing interface and

âž• Web designs that match the topic

âž• Organised elements and content

 Next, we explore what makes bad web design so as opposed to the good one above. Let’s ask ourselves..

How to avoid getting a bad web design in 2021?

In order to steer clear of the web design pitfalls mentioned earlier, it is important to revise your business model and marketing plan.

Even if the web design company has the reputation and skills to develop a relevant website for your business, you have to make sure that it aligns with your business model and marketing mix. Don't let unqualified designers and developers create a Frankenstein website for you. With a good website, you most certainly get what you pay for.

Collaboration & Planning

It is also prudent to work with a larger team of experts from the sinus to developers and product manager’s managers as it helps create an all-round website that makes the right impression about your business.

User experience centered web designs

With the website, you basically want to grab the user's attention and action. In order to do that you need to prioritse site functionality and user experience. The looks are very important and a color-blind person is not the right designer for any website. All your products, as amazing as they may be, need to be presented in a clean and logical way or otherwise, customers will just turn you off.

Authoritative sites

This is especially important for brand building and creating an authority site that people can trust. And trusts for website hinges on the quality of the design. So even when you are just a bootstrapped startup you need to hire a badass designer and web developer to help you get your business out there.

Communicate Your Target Audience

In summary, every site has to provide relevant user experience and design in order to accomplish your business goals. More often than not, the perfect customer is after a design other than you have in your mind. Learn more about micro branding to raise marketing precision.  We hope that you take time and consider the pitfalls mentioned above and avoid them during your web design process and know how to identify a bad website if given one. Please do let us know any bad websites that you are able to pick out thanks to the above examples.

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