/ Published 11 May 2021
Alright, to make it short for all impatient and crazy marketers out there, we've reviewed advancements in search engine optimisation and derived some pretty cool resolutions not long ago. If you are working on things like traffic management, link building and on-site link structure then you are in the right place. Off-site metrics are becoming increasingly precise in terms of ranking factors and do not forget that this whole thing is a soup. If it tastes like shit, then you haven't done the recipe right. The short answer is to focus on quality. 
If we are to break down quality, then we quickly come to realise that there are multiplier effects in regards to standard factors. In other words, if your on-site sucks, your traffic and link building won't truly give back in terms of better quality scores. If your site is in excellent shape but without relevant links and CTR, then forget about ranks as well.  
We're confident enough to state that UX (on-site user experience) plays another critical role in potential customer satisfaction and therefore better scores. That is why Google is pushing admins to inflitrate and use GA4. The biggest challenge correlates with the fact that most people comprehend the same design elements differently. Now imagine what a Google crawler may feel like coming across trillions of web-pages. What's interesting is that they can differentiate!
All in all, the big algorithms have figured out what your best client wants and therefore they require you to build a site which connects well to your target audience. Unforotunately it is a reactive approach but a good business leader will always have an iron touch to their branding. This in turn creates a better point of contact and algorithms will follow. 

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