/ Published 04 December 2019

As 2019 is drawing to a close we are all eager to usher in the new decade with its promise of fresh ideas and modern innovation and web development is at the center stage of it all. So we can't help but wonder what the future holds in terms of web technologies that might change or upset the current market standings across industries in the world. Whether it be AI and machine learning or Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, web technologies are expected to continue being a key driver of the global economy.

A Fast-Changing Web Development Industry

Perhaps more industries as volatile as web technologies. But unpredictable as it may seem the very web technology allows us to predict what the future might hold the breakthroughs, the surprise and the paradigm shifts that might be the next big thing.

AI and machine learning or Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, web technologies are expected to continue being a key driver of the global economy.

Will The Machines Takeover?

We have reached a point where machines have overtaken human beings and are now smarter and faster when it comes to solving problems and analyzing information. The hurdles remain in getting machines to understand emotions and have weaknesses that make us human. Machine learning and artificial neural networks are the future of web technologies.

Future Web Technology That Will Grow

JavaScript is one of the languages for web development that is likely to survive in the coming decade. A major problem facing the web development industry is that there are no more programmers. Experts only want to use package managers and module bundlers or transpilers to automate the code building process. Nowadays you'll hear the word components or modular much more often than you would a few years back. Just the same, Javascript has proved way too powerful to fade out.


The stage is already set with the chatbots that have changed how companies attend to their client’s queries. The following are some of the aspects of web tech that are likely to grow in the new decade.

Progressive web apps and single-page applications

Progressive web applications are safer faster and more reliable than traditional websites and offer way more functionalities. They are still one of the hottest trends towards the New Year and will continue to receive updates that make an instant regardless of network latency.

Performance is what makes a single page application and an attractive option for JavaScript developers. This kind of application eliminates the need for refreshing does minimize interruptions.

Mobile-friendly websites

Mobile-friendly websites are still a big deal because more people search on the move as opposed to traditional searches on the home computer. Voice searches and search assistants are a thing now and we will see more Siri’s and such.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Ecommerce entrepreneurs will be looking to cut down on financial business costs, reduce frequency of transactions and settlements. Blockchain technology makes this possible plus it enhances cash flow and transparency on records and data. Blockchain is notoriously good at controlling all of these elements, it is no wonder we are likely to see more of it in 2020 and beyond.


Cyber threats web hacking and data theft are still a big problem for many industries and governments. As long as there is computer use, there will always be vulnerabilities and people will always find a way to infiltrate any system. Companies and governments will continue to invest heavily in solutions that can I make them virtually hack-proof.

The future is here

Web technology is the future. It has transformed the way we do things from our personal lives to manufacturing and engineering.

It goes without saying that experts in the field have to constantly sharpen their skills in order to remain relevant. Only then can they remain on top of their game developing relevant apps that people actually need.

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